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DELSA is a small company which operates in the precision mechanical industry, as well as in the automation.
Since 1982 the company has been producing hot stamping machines for the assembly and automation of the industrial processes. 

The precision mechanic manufacturing is carried out also through third Parties, as well as the construction of special machineries for the decoration and the assembly of plastic items. 

The plant is located in Grantola (province of Varese, Lombardia) in a building with a surface of 3.250 square meters. It employs 12 workers, managed by the owner Dante Dellea. 

In 25 years of trading, DELSA sold over 1300 special machineries in 20 States throughout world. The company had an income of 50 million Euros and participated in many editions of the Milanese exhibition PLAST.  

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